Foreven: The Adventure Continues

We are really excited that The Rose of  Death is coming out soon for the Prelude to War Adventure Path. So far this week, we shared with you the cover image as wallpaper for your computer, talked details about Ms Klein, and showed you the world map of Cornath. Today we like to talk about one more aspect of the adventure path. Namely the fact that this adventure is not designed to stand on its own. There is more namely the fact that this adventure is not designed to stand on its own. There is more after this adventure ends.

This adventure is actually the first in a four adventure campaign. The next adventure in the series begins several weeks after the first adventure ends. Here, the players leave the rough border region for a part of space in complete disarray and are called upon to get a number of people out of an active warzone, whether they want to be extracted or not.

The Travellers will be delving into this State of Chaos to save some very important individuals. The best part about it: it’s written by Martin J. Dougherty. That’s right, the Dark Avenger himself agreed to write an adventure for us. And I gotta say, it’s really great. How Great? I wish someone would run it for me.

This adventure and more are in the second volume in the Prelude to War Adventure Path. While you can run either module as stand alone adventures, they are designed to be run in order and you and you players will love it all the more if you do.

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3 thoughts on “Foreven: The Adventure Continues

  1. So, I am interested in this series. Is each adventure going to be a standalone adventure? And, when do you see the next 3 being done? I hate starting a campaign and then having to make the group take a break while I wait for the other module. I would rather have them all be fore I start.

    If my group takes a break, we may never come back to the game.

  2. Each adventure is a stand alone adventure, but when done together, they form a larger story. So if you only run the first adventure for your group, there will be a conclusion there for that part of the story.

    We’re working on the next volume now, but we’re not doing one volume every month like some companies. If I had to guess, the next volume will appear in 2-3 months.

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