Pathfinder: Spells of the Sea

All week long, we are showing off what is inside the Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Merfolk. Yesterday we showed off the merfolk racial traits and two variants that you can play in your campaign. Today are sharing with you three spells common among the merfolk people. These spells help landwalkers adapt to life benethContinue reading “Pathfinder: Spells of the Sea”

Pathfinder: Spells to Make Your Changeling More Hag-Like

Earlier this week, we showed off the new bloodrager bloodline for changelings. Today, we are sharing with you three changeling-related spells that are useful to a wider range of spellcasters. The hag aspect spells are based on the beast shape family of spells and all the variations thereof but are specific to the hag originsContinue reading “Pathfinder: Spells to Make Your Changeling More Hag-Like”

The “Not the GM’s Day Sale” Going on NOW

The Not the GM’s Day Sale is going on right now at Take 30% off all our releases over $1. That means 30% off the Book of the River Nations, 30% off Book of Beasts: Monsters of the Shadow Plane, 30% off Book of Heroic Races: Reapers, 30% off Book of Beasts: Legendary Foes,Continue reading “The “Not the GM’s Day Sale” Going on NOW”

Pathfinder: Does Your Spellcaster Have the Perfect Feat?

Every spellcaster needs the best feats around and Book of Magic: 7 Spellcaster Feats brings you amazing feats for your spellcaster! Pure crunch with no filler material. These feats are ideal for any spellcaster. Inside this 3-page PDF, you will find the feats Angelic Mastery, Improved Spell Critical, Inner Strength, Mindshaper, Planar Caller, Shadow Resistant,Continue reading “Pathfinder: Does Your Spellcaster Have the Perfect Feat?”

Pathfinder: Fire In The Hole!

With the Reign of Winter winding down, we thought it was a good time to share with you a few of the fire spells that we created for you to use to combat this frozen force. Blood Spray School evocation [fire]; Level magus 6, sorcerer/wizard 6, witch 6 Casting Time 1 standard action Components V,Continue reading “Pathfinder: Fire In The Hole!”

Pathfinder: Riyal’s Counterspelling Spells

Counterspelling has never been any d20-based game’s strong suit. So when I played an elven abjurer named Riyal, I decided I would come up with a few ways of my own to knock my fellow spellcasters down to size. These spells were an obvious choice to be added in when I was writing up BookContinue reading “Pathfinder: Riyal’s Counterspelling Spells”

Pathfinder: Clarissa’s Hard Headed Spells

A friend my girlfriend use to game with loved to play a hard-headed cleric named Clarissa. My GF told me plenty of stories about how you could say things to the character and she just would never understand exactly what you meant. The player did naturally, but the character was as few arrows short ofContinue reading “Pathfinder: Clarissa’s Hard Headed Spells”

Pathfinder: Unleash the Energy Spell Words

Shape your fire words any way you desire. Keep the cold damage coming round after round. Blast your enemies with sound waves. Book of Magic: Energy Words Revisited lets you attack your enemies with acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic damage—whether for an instant, or over a series of rounds. Show those Vancian casters theContinue reading “Pathfinder: Unleash the Energy Spell Words”

Pathfinder: Class Options from Shadowsfall

The Shadowsfall: Shadow Plane Player’s Companion details the Plane of Shadows in a player friendly way. It provides you with short descriptions of the whole area plus it provides with a number of character options that help you to get a feel for the setting through a number of class options. Below are two suchContinue reading “Pathfinder: Class Options from Shadowsfall”

Pathfinder: Personalize Your Spellbook

The greatest spellcaster’s create their own spells so solve problems common to them. We gathered up a number of our favorite spells and put them in Book of Magic: Signature Spells 1 and 2. One of these great is Rostov. The character was inspired by the character from Night in the Lonesome October and theContinue reading “Pathfinder: Personalize Your Spellbook”