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13th Age: Unleash the Dragon

Deadly Delves Reign of Ruin (13th Age)

Beware The Blackener Of Bright Waters, For She Is Come Again
Rumors of death move like a plague through the Crannogtowns of the Great Swamp—of ranger patrols mysteriously disappearing on routine scouting missions, of a winged shadow that blots out the midday sun, and of entire villages slaughtered, their homes left burning and the victims’ flesh melted from their bones. All evidence gathered from the sites of these massacres points to the heart of the Great Swamp, where an ancient and primitive tribe of lizardmen have ruled from an abandoned human temple for centuries on end. The Crannogtowns’ protectors, the Stormhammer Rangers, warn that horrid half-dragon monstrosities still stalk the bogs and travelers would do well to stay away from the inner swamp. Yet the killing and the carnage continue, and the people of the Crannogs plead for heroes to aid them now as they did in days long forgotten. Are you up to the challenge?

Reign Of Ruin is the first full-length adventure module in Jon Brazer Enterprises’ Deadly Delves product line, and is compatible with the ENnie-award winning 13th Age Roleplaying Game. This adventure is designed to challenge five 4th-level PCs like no other content has to date. Inside this volume, you’ll find:

  • More than 20 fully-developed new monsters for your 13th Age campaign
  • Eight new traps and eight new magic items waiting to be discovered, ranging from the entertaining to the awe-inspiring
  • Full-color maps of a Crannogtown village, as well as five floors of a terrifying temple dungeon
  • Story hooks that help GMs tie their players’ characters directly into the adventure using the Icon system
  • Specialized advice on playing a cunning black dragon against a group of PCs in a dangerous game of cat and mouse
  • Optional rules for using tactical terrain in select encounters
  • Enough content to take five 4th-level PCs from the Adventurer to Champion tier of play, with ideas to extend the story even further once you’re done exploring the temple

Dangers Unknown. Treasures Untold. Adventure Awaits.

Download the Deadly Delves: Reign of Ruin for 13th Age at the JBE Shop, DriveThruRPG/RPGNow and d20PFSRD. Also download wallpaper of the beautiful artwork from this exciting adventure here and here.

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Traveller Adventure: Crash Landing

Traveller ImageI’ve been thinking of adventures lately and this one just sprung up in my head. As such, I thought I would share it with you. The basic adventure is simple: the ship the players are on crash lands on a moon of a gas giant. The players survive but they need to make repairs if they are going to get back to civilization.

The ship the players are on crashes on a moon orbiting a major gas giant. This can happen in a number of ways: a small piece of space junk strikes the craft forcing them to crash land on the moon, pilot error in the gravitational zone knocks the ship off course, an error in the ship’s computer calculation causes the crash landing, pirates could have shot them down, just to name a few options.

Beginning the Adventure
Everyone should take 1d6 points of damage. The ship is still intact, however, it list half its hull. Internal sensors reads that a number of small cracks were formed during the crash and the ship is leaking air. The power plant sustained the worst damage. Several parts are required before it will function properly again.

The leaking air is not a problem at the moment. The moon has a thin breathable atmosphere and the surface is rocky. A Sensor check reveals that there are a number of other large hunks of metal, potentially crashed ships, each several hours away (the distance itself is less important than the time it takes to get there) in varying directions.

The players should choose which ship they want to go to first. The sensor read outs and what the players actually find once they arrive are as follows:

1) Readout: The metallic area is spread over several kilometers. From the amount of wreckage it is detecting, the computer estimates the ship was a 1,000 ton light freighter.
Actual: The ship was a 1,400 ton freighter, however, others that have crash landed on this planet and escaped found parts here. Everything the players need to repair their ship’s power plant is present. However, the ship’s components are scattered over a large area (-2 DM to all search checks), and the part the players need will require repairs before being installed (-4 DM to all checks with their ship’s operations unless the part is repaired). Paskrin have move into the area and have made the ship’s component’s their home. Some new food
Str 3 Dex 4 End 6 Int 12 Inst 6 Pack 9
Attack: Gnaw +1 (1d6)
Athletics (coordination) 2 Melee 2 Recon 3 Stealth 1 Survival 3, Armor 1
Tiny (-1 DM to hit creature)
Movement 6 m

2) Readout: A small ship is the closest. This is possibly a 50-100 ton shuttle. It could be larger; some of this craft is buried.
Actual: This is a 200 ton jettisoned garbage hauler container that crashed here a relatively recently. It contains lots of hazardous and radioactive substances that are not properly disposed of. If the players stop to investigate it more fully they will discover the insignia of a corporation. This might be proof that the corporation handling this cargo is transporting and disposing of such materials improperly.

3) Readout: A 400 ton patrol craft is split in two pieces (forward section has separated from the aft).
Actual: This ship has been here quite a while and has been picked over quite extensively by others that crashed here and made it off or scavengers. Spiders currently infest this ship, making it a battle to get into and out of the ship.
Goliath Spiders
Str 12 Dex 16 End 10 Int 7 Inst 6 Pack 2
Attack: Bite +3 (2d6+1) Venom DM -2 Venom Paralysed
Athletics 3, Melee 1, Survival 2, Armor 2
Movement 15 m

4) Readout: From the lack of erosion, this 900 ton cargo ship appears to be the newest of the ships that crashed here. It is also the furthest.
Actual: This ship has the required parts. They sustained no damage during the crash.
This ship was transporting illegal cargo that turned dead bodies into soldiers. After the crash, the machines crawled into the minds of those that died during the crash and killed those that survived the crash. After two months without fresh bodies, recharging sources or other maintenance, only 8 are still functioning.
Str 8 Dex 6 End 5 Int 6 Edu 14 Soc 8
Melee 3 Gun Combat 2, Recon 2
Equipment: Pistol
Special: Electroshock, Seek New Host
Electroshock: The necro-soldier shocks a creature that it grabs or attacks with a metal melee weapon, dealing an additional 1d6 damage. Electroshock requires an hour to recharge.
Seek New Host: The computer core of a necro-soldier can leave a host body and seek out a new corpse to take over. These cores use a series of small tentacles to pull itself out of one of the body’s ear and seek out a new host. The core at this point has only its Structure to protect itself.

Unless the players sealed up the leaks as soon as the ship crashed, several ants have crawled in and are keeping warm near the ship’s engines. More then likely, the ants will fight the ship’s crew before installing the new part.

Please tell us what you thought and if you would like to see similar short adventures for your Traveller game. The creatures stats for this adventure come from the Creatures of Distant Worlds Compendium. Download it today at DriveThruRPG/ and at d20PFSRD.

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[Pathfinder] Shadowsfall: Temple of Orcus Available in Print

We’ve been getting requests for print copies of Shadowsfall: Temple of Orcus since before Free RPG Day. And if you attended PaizoCon, you may have been lucky enough to snag one of the last few of the first printing. If you were not able to grab one then, you can now get one any time you want. Print copies of Shadowsfall: Temple of Orcus are now available at Now you can get ahold of the first adventure for the Shadowsfall setting in print at your convenience anywhere in the world.

Also be sure to pick up Book of Beasts: Monsters of the River Nations as well as our Traveller products available at

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Pathfinder: Scavengers of the Northwood Ruins

This Sunday at PaizoCon, I will be running a Pathfinder game called The Yet Unnamed 2013 Free RPG Day Kickstarter Game. I am pleased to announce that it has been named: Scavengers of the Northwood Ruins. In this adventure, the players will go off on a treasure hunt, encountering some of the unique magic items (and their associated dangers of these items) of the setting.

I hope to see you there,

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Pathfinder: Download Shadowsfall: Temple of Orcus

Shadowsfall: Temple Of Orcus (PFRPG)

Fight the Dark Side!

For the game master, a new plane of peril—Shadowsfall. This level 5 Adventure takes your gaming party to the Plane of Shadows. The head of the local militia and her children are missing and only the characters can rescue them. In this introduction to Shadowsfall, challenge your adventurers to brave the Land of Eternal Night.

For the avid player, four sample 5th level characters showcase new player options for the Shadowsfall setting—a dhampir champion of innocents, a former angel seeking arcane secrets and a lost love, a bomb-toting kobold native to Shadow, and a fetchling profiteer from the zombie slave trade ready for play in your campaign.

Designed to enhance your world and your game, this expansion supplies a one-page overview of Shadowsfall and features the distinctive monsters of Shadow created for the Book of Beasts: Monsters of the Shadow Plane—the newest in the award-winning series available now at the JBE Shop, DriveThruRPG/RPGNow, Paizo, and the Open Gaming Store.

Shadowsfall: Temple of Orcus is our Free RPG Day 2012 adventure. Download this adventure today at the JBE Shop, DriveThruRPG/RPGNow, Paizo, and the Open Gaming Store.

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Pathfinder: Kickstarter for a Free RPG Day Adventure

Earlier this month we announced that we’re releasing several books that details the Plane of Shadows next year. One of the books we would like to do is an adventure and we would like to give it away for Free RPG Day. However to print the adventure, we need your help. We need your help to print the book so we can have it sent to game stores around the world and give it to you for free. To do this, we set up a Kickstarter campaign so you which explains all the great benefits you can get for contributing to this endeavor. Whether you contribute or not, share our Kickstarter page with every gamer you know. This will help us gain exposure and help us meet our goal.

Please contribute today and share on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Thank you!