5e: Shadowed Blade Fighter Archetype

Last week, we shared with you a new cleric domain we have been working on. This week, I want to share with you a new fighter archetype. Long time fans of Jon Brazer Enterprises will know that I am a fan of the Plane of Shadows, or Shadowsfall as I call it. A place thatContinue reading “5e: Shadowed Blade Fighter Archetype”

Pathfinder: Wyrwood Golembreaker

Being constructs themselves, wyrwoods excel at know construct vulnerabilities of their kind far better than other races and they should have a serious advantage at taking down other constructs. So it only makes sense that wyrwoods have a rogue archetype that is better at attacking golems than others. This was the thinking at lead toContinue reading “Pathfinder: Wyrwood Golembreaker”

Pathfinder: Rage Against Everything

All week long, we are showing off what is inside the new Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Skinwalkers for Pathfinder. We already showed you the interior artwork, the basic racial abilities, and one of the archetypes. Today we are sharing the some rage options for barbarians and skalds. If there is one thing that SkinwalkersContinue reading “Pathfinder: Rage Against Everything”

Pathfinder: Psionic Skinwalker

We are posting previews to Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Skinwalkers. So far, you’ve seen the art and the race’s abilities. Today we are showing off one of the archetypes. We at JBE really enjoy Dreamscarred Press’s Ultimate Psionics, so much so that we included the elan race in our Book of Heroic Races AdvancedContinue reading “Pathfinder: Psionic Skinwalker”

Pathfinder: Lizardfolk Defend Their Own

All week long, we are showing off what is inside Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Lizardfolk. You’ve already seen the Racial Traits. Today we are showing off the Tribal Defender archetype. Lizardfolk are all about their tribe, whether it is the community that they were born into or it is the group of adventurers thatContinue reading “Pathfinder: Lizardfolk Defend Their Own”

Insurgency of Summer Preview

Tomorrow we are releasing Book of Magic: Insurgency of Summer. I mentioned yesterday that this is the supplement to have to resist the Reign of Winter fey. Today we are sharing with you some of what is inside. There are 10 fire- or summer-themed spells that will help you in every in your struggle againstContinue reading “Insurgency of Summer Preview”

Coming in February from Jon Brazer Enterprises

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming releases for February and let you in on what we at JBE will be bringing to your game table. Being released this Thursday is Book of Magic: Insurgency of Summer. With the forces of the north dominating over all that it within sight, only the fiercest of fieryContinue reading “Coming in February from Jon Brazer Enterprises”

Half-Faerie Dragon Artwork

Later this week we will be releasing Book of Heroic Races: Half-Faerie Dragons, written by Todd Stewart. We are really excited to tell you all about this but for today, we are going to show off the artwork. These are some of the images from inside this new race supplement. Normally JBE is very consciousContinue reading “Half-Faerie Dragon Artwork”

Pathfinder: Time for Some Thrilling Heroics

All week long, Jon Brazer Enterprises is previewing the Book of Heroic Races: Seedlings, available this Thursday at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow.com and Paizo.com. Yesterday we explain what is a seedling. Today we are looking at the way that seedlings go about protecting themselves and about combat the dangers of the world. One of the early section ofContinue reading “Pathfinder: Time for Some Thrilling Heroics”

Book of the River Nations: Feats, Spell and Secret Societies is Released for Pathfinder

Explore the uncharted! Tame the Land! Rule Your Own Nation! Book of the River Nations: Feats, Spells and Secret Societies gives you the archetypes, prestige classes, feats and spells you need to explore and rule over your kingdom. These new feats and spells assist you in being a better ruler and a better military general.Continue reading “Book of the River Nations: Feats, Spell and Secret Societies is Released for Pathfinder”