Christmas in July Sale

Its that time of year again, the Christmas in July Sale at DriveThruRPG. This year has a brand new twist to it: print. Get 15% off ALL of Jon Brazer Enterprises’ Print Books. Order the print version of these for under $10: The original Book of Beasts: Monsters of the River Nations (Pathfinder) Book ofContinue reading “Christmas in July Sale”

Lots of Awesome Reviews at d20PFSRD

Its been a while since we have done a review roundup. So here’s a whole bunch of things that people are saying about Jon Brazer Enterprises products. All of these reviews come from d20PFSRD. Download your games from d20PFSRD today from Pathfinder, Traveller, 13th Age and much more. First up, we have an amazing 5-STARContinue reading “Lots of Awesome Reviews at d20PFSRD”

Last Day of the GM’s Day Sale

Today is the final day of the GM’s Day Sale. That’s right, the biggest sale of the year is coming to a close about 24 hours. Don’t delay. Grab everything you have been wanting now at 30% off from DriveThruRPG/RPGNow, d20PFSRD, and Paizo. Take 30% off of just about everything but only if you doContinue reading “Last Day of the GM’s Day Sale”

GM’s Day Sale 2015

It’s the biggest sale of the year and it is going on now at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow and d20PFSRD. Take 30% off of just about everything. This is for Pathfinder as well as 13th Age and Traveller. Check out what is on sale. That’s 30 % off of all Monsters (DriveThru/d20PFSRD) 30% off of all Spells (DriveThruRPG/d20PFSRD)Continue reading “GM’s Day Sale 2015”

State of the Enterprise 2014 Edition

Greetings, I have done a few meta posts before, but I am going to try to make this a yearly thing. This is not only going to be my thought on how Jon Brazer Enterprises is doing but how I view the industry as a whole, from my chair in New Jersey, at least. 2014Continue reading “State of the Enterprise 2014 Edition”

Meet the Iconics: Edward

As our last preview for Deadly Delves: Rescue from Tyrkaven before it goes live, we’re sharing the tale of the iconic that graces its cover, Edward Amante. When I asked Luis to draw him, the single most important instruction I gave him was (and I quote), “He should look like a guy that can charmContinue reading “Meet the Iconics: Edward”

Sale: Its the Black Friday 10-Day Sale

This year, we at Jon Brazer Enterprises are happy bring you our Black Friday Sale for 10 full days. Whether you are playing Pathfinder, Traveller, 13th Age, or Legend, there is something here for you. Pathfinder GM’s can download anything in our Book of Beasts line or players can snag themselves some new spells fromContinue reading “Sale: Its the Black Friday 10-Day Sale”

Meet the Iconics: Darlanrea

Being Friday, I thought we would do something a little different for today’s preview. Today, I would like to take a moment to introduce you to our first signature character to grace the cover of one of our adventures. She is as tough as she is graceful and earns her place on this adventure, fightingContinue reading “Meet the Iconics: Darlanrea”

13th Age: New Monsters Aplenty

As mentioned in the description of the Deadly Delves: Reign of Ruin, there are over 20 new monsters in this adventure. A number of them are half dragons. Yes, this dragon has been busy! Right now I want to share with you two of those half dragons in this adventure. We hope you enjoy themContinue reading “13th Age: New Monsters Aplenty”

13th Age: Unleash the Dragon

Beware The Blackener Of Bright Waters, For She Is Come Again Rumors of death move like a plague through the Crannogtowns of the Great Swamp—of ranger patrols mysteriously disappearing on routine scouting missions, of a winged shadow that blots out the midday sun, and of entire villages slaughtered, their homes left burning and the victims’Continue reading “13th Age: Unleash the Dragon”